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Technological Advancement on Online Exam Software

Skill Evaluation Lab for next generation online exams

The random assessment tests are those tests are those questions, which may be posed by an educator during his or her lectures. They are mainly problem solving questions which many times are based on the knowledge of the subject at hand. Sometimes these questions may require general knowledge on a wide range of topics to be able to answer. Our examiners on the other hand may or may not expect us to produce a definite answer to these questions.

The online exam software may also be prepared in the form of continuous assessment tests where the learners are given short period exams defined by a given number of questions. These exams are frequently done after a given specified period like after every month of online training and they are mainly done in preparation or to pave way for the main examinations at the end of a study period.

The final examinations on the other hand are two to three hours papers covering all that the trainer has been equipped with over a given learning period. All these papers are done online and require the learner to have a good computer with a better internet connection. Some of the advantages of online exam software include time saving. This software saves on time since the learners are provided with questions which they provide answers to and are allowed to submit and commit their time to other activities, unlike paper based systems it can be seen that this software helps to save on time as one is not forced to remain stationed in a classroom after completing his or her exams.

The software also provides a platform where one can be taking the papers while attending to other things. The online exam software is also easy to use since no special computer manipulation skills are required and hence this reveals that no extra costs are incurred in training to be able to use the software. The use of the software is also advantageous in the sense that it is economical. This software is deemed economical in the sense that no hard copies are produced as the questions are answered online and hence no extra costs are spent on producing hard copies. It is also seen economical in the sense that no examiners are employed to mark the papers since the papers are marked online by a single examiner or at times by the applications itself.

The system also has the merit of producing immediate feedback on the results. The results take a short period to be released as opposed to paper exams which may take a relatively longer time. The only demerit of the online exam software is that it requires one to have access to a computer which has internet connection to be able to use.

The good news is that the online exam solution service is available on monthly basis.  Register here and start conducting online exams.


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Kenrick Freemen is a software architect doing consulting for banking and education domains. He has more than 6 years of experience in developing Java EE applications. He is a Sun Certified Java Programmer, Oracle Certified Professional, Java EE 5 Web Services Developer and Sun Certified Java EE Architect.